"Coming to choir each week leaves me feeling lifted and refreshed.  It relieves stress and we get to share cake and giggles". Leila

Cranwell Military Wives Choir was formed in 2012 by Nicola Swann, who is still a member today. Her vision was to create a community of ladies in the area who could come together with like-minded people to sing and socialise.


The choir currently has almost 50 members who meet every week to rehearse and catch up.

Their music repertoire ranges from wartime songs through to present day pop music.


Auditions are not required to join, so everyone with a military connection is welcome.


The choir’s ethos is to sing, share and support. Many of the member’s husbands are serving out of area, so by having the choir network there is constant support and friendship from ladies who understand.

It has been a busy couple of years for the choir, performing in local communities, singing with Lulu on her tour, performing with the Band of the Royal Air Force College, a tour of performing at Peterborough and Sheffield Cathedrals and recently recording songs for a new album, Remember, which is out to buy now.


Back in 2014, to commemorate WW1 they were invited to take part in a dramatization of the story of the Beechey family in collaboration with the University of Lincoln and BBC Lincolnshire.


2018 has been an important one for the choir, celebrating 100 years of the RAF and being able to perform for such an occasion has been a big honour. In August they were invited to perform at the Great British Prom accompanied by the National Symphony Orchestra to over 5000 people.


They are also extremely lucky to be conducted by Musical Director Rowland Lee.


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